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The Lanai Documentary Film Festival is an innovative film festival which highlights a featured annual theme – a pressing topical issue – and five global supporting subcategories year-round. By engaging audiences early on through an interactive, social platform, we will forward issues into tangible results, keeping them alive and creating a groundswell to catalyze change and empower others to do the same.


The Lanai DFF has been established as a year-round forum and social platform, where the viewer does not see one project on one date, but rather follows a film and the issues it speaks to throughout the year. This format thus raises awareness and builds momentum for effective change to occur.

The year-round framework of the Lanai DFF was intentionally chosen, wherein the vignettes, trailers, and stories of the films will be given a platform for their messages to gain awareness and media traction. Connections to press and non-profit organizations who cover and support the issues will be made, setting the tone for further aid and progress to occur. The culmination of this buildup will be the Lanai DFF main event in February of 2016, where all films accepted into the festival will receive a voice through our global platform.




A typical, or traditional film festival structure tends to be quite linear in that an audience views a film and learns about the issue(s) it covers at the end of the process – the actual physical festival event. Most often distribution for the film is acquired just before or at the event as well. The Lanai DFF, however, will secure distribution in advance of the 2016 event on Lanai, and build an audience for its films before they premiere. In offering more shared resources throughout the year, the festival therefore creates a momentous groundswell of support that will cultivate change.

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Thank you for your interest in submitting your documentary film to the 2016 Lanai Documentary Film Festival. We will not be accepting submissions until 2015. Please return in January, 2015 for more details on submission guidelines and details.

Please note: we do not accept any unsolicited materials (art, music, films, screenplays, etc…) of any kind. Any submissions or requests of this nature will be denied. Thank you.